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Strategy without execution is fantasy.

Execution without strategy is thrashing installer mt5.

Either without a management system is unlikely.


Linking capabilities to strategies for

Total Enterprise Performance

Llinlithgow Assoc. is a management consultancy focused on evaluating businesses to reduce risk, leverage under-developed opportunities in operations and increase overall enterprise performance to improve investment return https://www.exness-ma.com/.



Our approach is based on BizzXceleration, a proprietary framework with 25 years of development, to review and analyze Business Models and Strategy, key operating functions and supporting infrastructure and management systems. From there we develop comprehensive, integrated operating plans that tie all the components of the business into a high-performance enterprise.

Playing Moneyball

Several years ago Michael Lewis published an interesting book on how the Oakland A’s took a systematic look at how the game really works, and what investments in players, strategies and tactics were most likely to result in the most wins for the lowest cost.

Our approaches are similar in taking a systematic look at the whole business, each of the major components and the best way to tie everything together into a high-performance system.

You can think of it as applying Moneyball principles to business - or Bizzball for short http://exness-ma.com/. 

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