Llinlithgow Associates 

Strategy without execution is fantasy.

Execution without strategy is thrashing.

Either without a management system is unlikely.



BizzXceleration is comprehensive but integrated across the total reach and range of business activities and issues. And emphasizes a pragmatic, workable approach that results in a stepwise path to performance improvement. We believe that our approach mitigates business risks, improves operational performance and can lay the groundwork for 10-30% EBITDA improvements in post-deal execution.

  • BizzXceleration Framework

    We start by looking at the basic core value proposition and it’s translation into the Business Model and Strategy. Typically we next examine Marketing and Sales operations, where it is possible to reduce operating costs by 30%, shorten the sales cycle by 30% and increase the closure rate by 30%. This is primarily the result of establishing good processes and discipline.

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    To achieve sustainable long-term performance improvements we then move to the set of operating functions, including the Core (which could be manufacturing, service, product development or other central functions), Customer Service, Procurement and Logistics. We also take a hard look at various supporting capabilities in Technology, Human Resources and Management and Finance.

    Here the initial goal is to find major areas of risk while also identifying  expense reduction over the longer-term of 25% in 50% of the functions.

    Finally we examine the Management System, especially the Budgeting methods and Operating Plans. By defining an Integrated Operating Plan the improvements in the operating functions are gradually put onto a sustainable, self-reinforcing foundation that provides long-term profitability, value delivery and superior returns.