Llinlithgow Associates 

Strategy without execution is fantasy.

Execution without strategy is thrashing.

Either without a management system is unlikely.


Lllinlithgow takes a systematic and systemic approach to identifying and improving the performance of the "whole" enterprise based on our BizzXceleration framework. The framework links the core Business Model to Strategy and analyzes the linkages and alignments with each of the major operating functions. The entire blueprint is then transformed into a step by step operating plan that starts where the enterprise is at and moves forward to sustainable high-performance.

This general approach is customized by scaling the engagement to the scope of the issues and stage of evaluation and delivers value at every stage of the deal process 

  • Offerings

    The bizzXcel framework is flexible and can be adapted to a variety of engagements depending on the timeframe and depth of investigation required. And the size and complexity of the enterprise being evaluated as well. Some examples are:

    • “3 Hour” – a seminar/workshop designed to introduce the approach and discuss application.
    • “3-Day” – a workshop/assessment designed to provide a relatively in-depth assessment of the total enterprise
    • “3-week” – a more detailed assessment designed to provide a careful appraisal of risks and opportunities and develop a preliminary operating plan skeleton
    • “3-month” – designed to develop, review, validate and initiate a detailed, custom operating plan and outline major initiatives for performance improvement.
  • Value Delivery

    Pre-Deal:  our approach creates a business operations blueprint that provides additional value-add to investor’s services capabilities. And, more importantly, inventories of risks, opportunities and developmental requirements.

    Deal Development: BizzXceleration, which can be thought of as business operations due diligence, can be used to improve pricing and terms and improve risks assessments.  It also delivers an initial post-deal operating plan blueprint required to achieve outstanding returns.

    Post-Deal: Our framework is a structured approach, grounded in business best practices, that yields major benefits in execution. Based on the blueprint both investors and operating company management have a shared management and performance framework to monitor and adjust activities and expenditures. The blueprint also provides a framework for major initiatives and resource development in each of the areas identified as major opportunities for performance improvements.

  • How We Work

    Llinlithgow treats each situation as unique but also as being best served by adapting pre-existing blueprints rather than building from scratch where feasible. The size and scope is adapted to the situation at hand.

    A key is the intent of the engagement – whether it is to inspect, assess, educate or coach and collaborate. Different approaches best suit different stages of the deal life-cycle.

    Our preferred approach is to work collaboratively with investors, other resources and company management. The framework allows for the use of other resources in a plug-n-play fashion when appropriate.